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Each cable comes with all of the light bulbs fixed and can be used in a standard 5Volt USB socket (like the USB plug you use to charge your phone, a USB port in your laptop or a USB power pack).



Our fantastic new dimmer switches plug straight in to the USB LED cables and then into a USB plug.

Perfect for children’s rooms to dim the lights so that they learn to get used to it a bit darker.

Or just to create a different atmosphere with your lights anywhere in the home

The dimmer switch can be added or removed from the cable at any time. It is not electrically wired into the cable.

USB 3m Extension

Need a bit more length to reach your plug? this solves the problem! 3 meters of extra cable which plugs into the USB end and then into your plug. In total you will then have 5 meters of cable from the last bulb/ball to your plug.

This can also be used with a dimmer and a battery pack.

USB Power Bank

Our lights work best plugged into mains electricity but for occasional usage they can also be used with a rechargeable battery pack.

Capacity: 10,000 mAh

Input: DC5V/1000mA(Max)

Output 1: DC5V/1000mA(Max)

Output 2: DC5V/2100mA(Max)

Battery life

20 CABLE = 7/8 HOURS

35 CABLE = 5/6 HOURS

50 CABLE = 4/5 HOURS


USB Timer Plug

A double USB socket plug that you can use as a normal plug or set to turn the lights off after 1,2,3,4 or 5 hours.

Can be used with the dimmer switch and USB extension cable.




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