My LED fairy light chain is not lighting up at all, what should I do?

If for some reason your LED fairy lights are not illuminating, firstly check that they are plugged into a working 5v USB socket. If using a USB plug to plug into a wall socket, ensure the USB is slotted in snugy and correctly and that the wall swith for the socket is ON. If you are using a power pack, ensure that it is fully charged (charge it for at least an hour to test it).

If the above doesn't resolve the issue, then the string of lights may be faulty. We have a fantastic quality record and each set is tested before shipment, but on rare occasions, these things can happen. Don't panic, we're here to help you and get a new working set of LED string lights to you as soon as possible.

Please contact us at: [email protected]

One or a few of the bulbs on my LED fairy light chain are not lighting up, what should I do?

Same as above, this is pretty rare. Simply get in touch with us at: [email protected] and we'll hold you hand all the way to getting your lights working again.

The cotton ball gets dented when I try to insert the light, what should I do?

Please ensure that you are pushing the bulb through the slit next to the hole, and not the hole itself. Make the slit a little bigger if it is too small for the bulb, with a small pair of sharp scissors if necessary. Don’t worry if the balls dent a little when pushing the bulb in as the dent will pull out when you pull out the bulb after inserting it fully.

There is a dent in my ball, what should I do?

This can happen as the balls are quite delicate but it’s OK – you can push in a pen or pencil (or blunt end of a knitting needle if you have one!) into the hole and push out the dent. If you are a perfectionist then you can spray a little water on the dent and push it into the perfect round shape. When it dries, hey presto, it will be perfect again (and you’ve saved the environment from posting spare balls back and forth and saved yourself a trip to the post office too!).

What is your Returns/Refunds policy?

Policy in relation to faults: Please retain your proof of purchase. Warranty period is for the first 6 months from date of purchase, for the cable/bulbs only. 50% off is offered against cost of replacement cables/bulbs in the six months thereafter. Warranty is valid with receipt. Email us for details at [email protected]

What is your Exchange policy?

If once you receive your order you change your mind on the colours you ordered, we can exchange them but you must cover postage costs to return the balls to us and the cost of posting back the new balls. We charge £3.95 postage. Email [email protected] for any queries on this.

The balls must be in their original condition. They must not have been added to the light cable.

What are the postage costs and times?

DPD Tracked 3-5 days - £4.99

 We are open Monday - Friday, so all orders are dispatched withing these days

Outside Mainland UK:

EU & International Shipping - Unfortunately we no longer offer shipping to the EU due to new regulations, but are working hard on getting all of our international solutions back up and running. 

Other destinations charges may vary. Price will be calculated once country/postcode has been selected. With all international shipping please expect additional duties and custom charges.

Please note during promotions & sales delivery may take slightly longer than usual. 

How do I clean my lights ?

The best way to clean the lights woould be to use a dry microcloth to dust off the cotton balls. We advise against using any water based cleaning products as that would bind to the glue in the cotton balls, causing them to lose structure. 

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