Bedrooms should be relaxed, calming environments.

One of the best ways to achieve the right ambience is with a considered lighting scheme. String lights look great draped across the headboard, hanging over draws and wardrobes or even suspended from the ceiling. Every space is different of course so the only limit is your imagination.

Here are a few thoughts and ideas using Cable & Cotton lights.

Christmas Lights

There are generally two ways you can approach Christmas lighting – warm, neutral tones or bold pops of festive colour. Some people consider the former more tasteful, while others think it’s only really Christmas if red and green are at the center of the scheme.


Are you planning your special day? We can match any theme you have with our beautifully hand-crafted fairy lights available in 49 different colours! Our cables are available in three different lengths to light up any space you have.

Need some inspiration? See even more on our Pinterest board.

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