LED festoon lights, or fairy lights, are ideal for creating a magical atmosphere in your home, and Cable & Cotton’s hand crafted lights are the perfect addition to any room.

Although festoon lights are a popular outdoors accessory, they work just as well indoors. Using the lights indoors also removes the need to use stakes to keep them tethered to the ground. Instead, you can use our decorating clips to attach them to almost anything, without the worry of damaging your walls. Festoon lights have many uses, they can be used as bedside lights, mantelpiece decorations, night lights for children, frames for mirrors and many other alternatives. Festoon lighting is not just for use at home though – they are also an excellent addition to events such as weddings, proms, parties and even window displays..


Good lighting is essential to achieving the right ambience. No matter the style or décor of a room, if the lighting isn’t quite right it can be difficult to feel truly comfortable.

With 50 different colours to chose from, customising your festoon lights is easy. You’ll be able to create a colour scheme that is tailor-made to your room, and with the bonus of a variety of cable lengths and colours, you’ll be able to choose the perfect spot to showcase them. Alternatively, you could go with one of our 15 ready made sets, which are our most popular orders.


Not only do our festoon lights help enhance your room or event, they also contribute towards supporting a remote community in southern Thailand. Each light is hand-made by skilled craftswomen who we are able to guarantee a year round income and provide them with an insurance scheme. So whether your looking for something special to spruce up a dreary room or want to help support our talented craftswomen, our festoon lights are the answer.

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