LED Lights for fun

Fun LED Fairy Lights

People often only think of lighting in the most practical of ways, but lights can be used for fun too. LED Fairy lights are a fantastic way to literally brighten a room and Cable & Cotton’s wide range of colours also allow for plenty of fun.

There are loads of different ways to use fairy lighting and there’s no need to keep them contained to bedrooms and living rooms. Our lights make for excellent table decorations and are ideal for setting the scene of a dinner party. In the kitchen, fairy lights can liven up shelves or be placed on the table or breakfast bar to light your way when you fancy a late night snack. They are also a great way to turn a drab desk space into a cosy and inviting nook where you can while away the hours comfortably.


Cotton String Lights create a fun effect surrounding a mirror above a sofa


Our creative customers have come up with a range of fun ways to use their fairy lights, such as draping them over mirrors, chairs, bed headboards and desks. Other wacky options include putting them in birdcages, sitting them in glass vases of dry flowers and using them in fireplaces to recreate the effect of a glowing fire.



Fairy lights within a bird cage for a unique lighting effect


You can customize our lights to sit in perfect harmony with your room or to stand out boldly against the rest of the décor. With a choice of 50 different colour lights to pick and mix from and three options for cable length, there’s tons of combinations to suit every space. Our hand crafted lights also come unassembled, giving you the choice of how to order the colours to match their environment. There’s also no need to worry about leaving your lights on over night, as all of our lights cables are CE approved, while our plugs are BSI compliant. This makes them ideal to use as night-lights for children, who can have fun getting involved in picking out their favourite colours.