There are tonnes of ways you can use Cable & Cotton’s hand crafted LED fairy lights to decorate your home or event. For example, they can be wrapped around bed frames, chairs or mirrors. One of the most popular new ways to display fairy lights is to put them in Mason jars and glass fish bowls.

By putting the fairy lights in a jar, they become the perfect ornament to put on your mantle piece, bedside table, desk or dining table. The soft glow our lights emanate creates the ideal ambience for any room, and keeping them in jars transforms them into quirky lanterns. Even when the lights aren’t switched on, the colourful cotton balls will still brighten up the room.

The great thing about keeping your lights in a jar or vase, is that it’s an easy and typically very cheap way of using your lights. Most of us have a spare jar or vase that has been sitting around gathering dust, but by simply popping your fairy lights in there you can give it a new lease of life. It doesn’t take any technical know-how or the use of tools and equipment either. All you have to do is arrange the lights in your jar, and then discreetly tuck the cable away down the back of the jar where it won’t be seen.


This simple design idea also works brilliantly for events such as weddings or parties, where the jars can be used as table decorations or hung from the ceiling. LED fairy lights in jars can also make an excellent addition in shops and restaurants, where their warm glow can create a relaxed atmosphere for customers. Our lights are easy to customise and you can choose from nearly fifty different colours to find the ones that match the theme of your event, or the décor of your business perfectly.

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