Cotton Ball Lights

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Elegant, handmade LED lighting from Cable & Cotton.

  • Pre-Selected Color Sets

    Pre-Selected Color Sets

    Our pre-selected collections offer a quick and easy way to choose the perfect string light combination for you. Curated from our most popular orders, each of these choices offers unique way to add some color to your life, from bright and contemporary options, to those that are a bit more muted and traditional.

  • Choose your own colors

    Choose your own colors

    Have a specific room or a special occasion in mind? Need a gift for your friend who’s mad about mauve, or your mum who goes gaga for green? Then make your own! Choose your string length and as many colors as you like, and get stuck in.

  • Big Lamps

    Big Lamps

    Dream big! Make a statement in any room with these gorgeous oversized lampshades. They come in a range of sizes and colors, and can be hung from the ceiling or used as a table lamp.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

    Not sure what someone’s favourite colors are? Buy them a gift voucher and let them do the choosing. You can get the gift voucher a few different ways, because we want to make it easy for you-so whether it’s by post, via email, or even a printed digital version, it’s exceedingly simple to give the gift of color!

  • Replacements


    So your cat got a little too frisky with your Cable & Cotton lights? Or you just aren’t that into red anymore? No need to start fresh. If you need to replace the colours on your set of string lights, for whatever reason, then you can do that quickly and easily right here.

  • Get inspired!

    Don’t know where to start? We’ve got loads of suggestions for great ways to make the most of your Cable & Cotton lights in our inspiration gallery.