Traditionally, fairy lights come in classic white and while they provide excellent ambience when they’re switched on they’re not so exciting when they’re turned off. At Cable and Cotton we’ve resolved this by creating a vibrant collection of coloured fairy lights, which can brighten up any space whether they’re on or not.


Our selection of 48 different colours can be combined to make your own personalised coloured LED fairy lights. With so many colours and shades to pick from you can create the perfect practical and fun accessory for any room. Alternatively you can choose from our sought-after range of pre-selected sets, which come in up to15 different colour schemes.


Pink fairy lights are always a popular choice as it is a warm and welcoming colour that works well in bedrooms and living rooms. Blue fairy lights and green fairy lights are ideal for those looking to create more of an edgy, chic vibe that is well suited to cool, contemporary rooms where the colours can subtly lift the room.


Silver and gold fairy lights are perfect for neutral coloured rooms such as hallways where they make the space feel much more cosy and homely. Our red fairy lights are perfect for creating a romantic mood, while our range of purple fairy lights can help create a luxurious setting in any home.

For those that prefer understated and minimal styles our earthy cream and brown shades will suit any space. If you’re looking for night-lights for a child’s bedroom you could take a bolder approach and go for rainbow coloured lights.

Our hand-crafted coloured LED fairy lights are also great for events as you can effortlessly match your lights to any theme. And our 5V USB LED lights will also run off a portable power pack. You could create colour schemes for a wedding or a birthday party based on your favourite colours. For corporate events that need a more personal touch, you can customise our lights to match the colours of your brand or logo.

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