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Seaside Sorbet

Seaside Sorbet

As an artist I'm highly attracted to colour, especially all the blues and pinks and i chose my ball colours intuitively, as if I was creating my perfect painting palette. I wanted to create a bright pastel theme that worked well tonaly but with a pop of really bright yellow to shake it up a bit! I knew these colours would really suit my pastel pink or off white walls at home, and also compliment my paintings and my collection of cushions! 74

They are a unique, fun and beautiful combination which simply make me happy looking at them, whether they are turned on or off!  They have a feel of 1950s seaside to them, and also remind me of all the different coloured  beach huts on the seafront in Brighton. As a painter the seaside is a constant source of inspiration to me, and I find these colours really uplifting. 

They give a lovely warm glow above my fireplace, and they create a really cosy vibe in the bedroom. 

It was also fun to take them to the studio and see them against my studio floor, which is completely covered in paint! 


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