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The latest goings-on at Cable & Cotton

Message from Bryn, Founder of Cable & Cotton; Cable

Message from Bryn, Founder of Cable & Cotton; Cable

Hi There,

I started Cable and Cotton because I’m drawn to colour in all walks of life. I find it mesmerising in how it can change my mood and even the way I perceive something.

In fashion colour can transform the look of someone - Darth Vader wouldn’t be nearly so scary if his outfit was a light shade of pink for example!

The colour red evokes a mix of feelings but moreover it draws our attention. That’s why it’s used in road signs to alert us to hazards; but a red dress can also grab our attention in a good way..

Colour is a very specific thing - we all know what colours we like and what we don’t like. Some people like bright colours and others like subtle colours; but we all like colour.

As I spend a lot of my time researching colour and product ideas I will be sharing some of my findings with you as we build up for some changes to Cable and Cotton.

All will be revealed in time so stay tuned and thanks again for your support.

Keep up the colour!

Best wishes  - Bryn