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The latest goings-on at Cable & Cotton

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow

As the winter days start to draw in, we start to try and find ways to add warmth to our homes. The tartan blankets come out and the heating is turned up, but still the house seems free of festive cheer. With Cable & Cotton's string lights, you can add style, colour and a festive ambience to your home this Christmas. With such a wide selection of colours and different ways to present these festive lights, it's never been simpler to make the home feel cosy during our cold, dark winter evenings. You can also avoid getting those dreaded Christmas tree lights out earlier than you would like for their Christmassy feel, and instead use Cable & Cotton's string lighting to inject a feeling of festivity throughout the winter months. From warm earthy tones, to bright and fun colour combinations, there is a festive lighting colour-way to suit every-one and every-Christmas. All you have to do is choose the right one to enhance your Christmas experience! These beautiful pieces of indoor lighting can also be used as an alternative to traditional Christmas lights. Although perhaps not ideal to drape around the tree, our string lights can definitely be used to enhance your Christmas display, or to simply add a touch of warmth and colour to any family entertainment space. So, to make the most of the dark evenings, start by getting the whole family onto the coach, pop on a festive DVD, turn off the lights and switch on your Cable & Cotton string lights; perfect Christmas bliss!