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Interior Design Trends of 2011

2011 sees yet another dramatic shift in interior design. This year, there is one major theme which stands out, and that is innovation. Instead of following specific trends which can easily date, those interested in interior design are focusing on ways to make their home unique, and this is being done through the following: Personalisation – Arguably due to the fact that we spend more time entertaining and being at home, we have decided to make our homes reflects our lifestyles. Homemade accessories (or at least products from the high street that give this effect, like multi-coloured quilts and knitted throws) are growing in popularity, giving our homes a comfortable and relaxed feel with a DIY edge. There has also been a surge in the restoration and renovation of second hand furniture and accessories, showing that we are no longer afraid to put our own stamp on the homes we live in. Juxtaposition – Homeowners are seeking new ways to make their home stand out, and in 2011 the most popular way this is being achieved is by mixing rich textures and archaic influences with new forms and shapes. This way, interior design for 2011 achieves an innovative yet comfortable balance whilst still pushing the boundaries of modern interior design. Colour Splash – This trend is being echoed in fashion design as well, where we are seeing muted creams and greys finished with splashes of colour, especially neon tones. Neon accessories are a great way to achieve this innovative effect, as the motto is ‘less-is-more’ so it can be achieved easily. You can get this look with our pick and mix string lights by mixing neutral shades such as Sand Stone and Slate Grey with bright ones like Flash Pink, Bright Yellow or Flash Green.