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How to bring springtime inside with cotton ball lights

How to bring springtime inside with cotton ball lights

The arrival of springtime is something to be celebrated. Fairy and string lights bring  an unmatched medley of colour and light using pastel shades to remind you of bluebells, primroses and tulips. We’ve put together a few ideas of how you can decorate your home to bring springtime inside with cotton ball lights. Not only are these great accent lights to brighten up any décor, but they’re delightfully different. They can also be personalised just for you and reused in an entirely different way each season.

Light up your world YOUR way

Aside from giving your décor that springtime flavour, these lights double-up as an eye-catching dash of lighted magic once darkness falls. Wherever you opt to hang them, they are going to get a double-take from visitors, admiring your style and curious as to where you sourced them.

Use string lights to bring magic to the dining room

Add a splash of springtime to your dining room. Hang your lights from the dresser, stretch them across your picture rail or even drape them over your curtain rods. Regardless of how you use them, it’s sure to give your social events that chic aesthetic that brightens the mood of the moment, and the look of the room.  Our cotton ball lights are infinitely adaptable. It’s up to you how you use them and we know you’ll never run out of ideas.

Brighten up any surface with a lighted vase and branch laden with blossom

The entire purpose of some things is to just look fabulous. Accent lighting can emphasise specific spots of your home and turn them into a glorious focal point. The cotton ball light is the perfect accent lighting piece due to its versatility. You can drape them anywhere but you can also place them in a vase. Add a branch of laden with blossom and it brings something special to the table. The kind of décor that you’ve been waiting for, an extravaganza of light and colour.

The grace and charm of tasteful elegance

Marshmallow 2
We said you can drape them anywhere and that includes a coat rack. These cotton ball lights bring understated elegance to any entryway or quiet corner. Your choice of colour means that you can decide which shades will pack the most visual punch to your space.

Make your doorway delightfully decadent

Spring doorway
They’re classically simple and delightfully decadent. They’re simple, unfussy and the possibilities are endless. They can be used in different ways over and over again and blend beautifully with your home. You might want to decorate according to the season and drape a cotton ball light string to match. Springtime brings pastel colours, summertime means vivid hues of sun-drenched days, autumn choices reflect the colours of the falling leaves and winter is silvers and golds.

Cotton ball lights can be used in so many ways. Watch this space for inspiration on how to add a fabulous explosion of colour and light to your home.


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