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Fun Fairy Lights Ideas for Your Wedding

Fun Fairy Lights Ideas for Your Wedding

Fairy lights give just the right touch of elegance and sophistication at any wedding. Imagine, your big day has finally arrived. The florist has been, the guests have arrived and it’s time to take your walk down the aisle. You’ve got sparkle, ambiance and an elegant and a beautiful lit wedding backdrop that gives your wedding that unique look. Luxury and sophistication is yours. No details go amiss at a wedding. Everything from the place names, to the napkin holders to the cutlery are carefully selected and placed. It’s important to get everything just right so that the day runs smoothly and fits with your dream of how it should be. Fairy Lights Add Simple Elegance To Weddings We’ve put together a few ideas that you might want to use for your wedding day. Creative touches that will perfectly enhance the special atmosphere with simplicity and elegance. Cable & Cotton’s fairy l lights will add that special feature that you’ve been searching for. Glowing lights embedded into the décor make the perfect backdrop for any bride and groom. Add Fairy Lights To The Restaurant Give your wedding breakfast atmosphere to make it celebratory and twinkly as you sit down to your first meal together as a couple with family and friends. Our cotton ball lights are supplied as ‘string lights’ and can be purchased in any colour to suit your colour theme. Whether you’re looking for blue fairy lights, pink fairy lights or even mauve fairy lights, we’ve got what you need and you can choose the length you require.
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White Lights Are Elegant And Enchanting Adding white lights will give that special timeless elegance that only white lights can. Plain and simple but oh so elegant. Twist them around beams, hang them from picture rails, drape them over artwork. White lights are always a visual delight.
Add Fairy Lights To You Reception Party When it comes to ‘getting on down’ to celebrate, fairy lights are right up there with the best of them. They can add the party mood and can compliment any colour scheme. Hang them from the ceiling to add that magical and creative starlight look that your guests will remember.

Surprise Your Bride With A Special ‘Getting Ready’ Gift Pack Everybody loves to be treated like they’re special, and the bride would most certainly enjoy being given the VIP treatment. Setting up and decorating a ‘getting ready’ area will be well appreciated and remembered by the lady. Start with a mirror and drape your choice of cotton ball lights, otherwise known as fairy lights, over it and you’ll be loved for your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.
Fairy lights or cotton ball lights add something special to any celebration, including weddings. Although a simple touch, they bring the magic, the sparkle and the twinkle to the occasion. They deliver that special atmosphere that marks the day as being truly special. We supply a wide range of colours, from plain white through almost every colour in the rainbow and even metallic fairy lights. Whatever colour fairy lights you’re looking for, you can find them in our fairy light shop.

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