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DIY Sunday #2 - Fireplaces

DIY Sunday #2 - Fireplaces

It's summer, so that old, sooty fireplace isn't getting the love it deserves. That's where Cable & Cotton come to the rescue.

Hang your fairy lights around the mantlepiece to add colour to your fireplace - day or night
Fireplace style image
Dust out your grate and clean with a damp cloth, then add fairy lights for a pop of colour - it's a 'GRATE' look!

Fireplace style green
Recreate the glowing-embers-look of a real fire without having to open all the windows to keep cool!! Logs, driftwood and pebbles can add texture.
Fireplace style glow
Even the wood burning stove can get the Cable & Cotton fairy lights makeover. (But please remember to remove the lights when you light your first fire of autumn!)