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The latest goings-on at Cable & Cotton

February Photo Competition: And the winner is…

After yet another month of fantastic entrants for the February Photo Competition, this month we decided to go for a winner who made us all gush with their romantic display of string lights. We’re not afraid to admit it, but we’re all big softies here at Cable & Cotton, and so it wasn’t too difficult to give the prestigious February Photo Competition award to… Rachel Law! Showing how a single colour can be just as effective as multiple colours, these red decorative string lights have clearly helped to set the Valentine’s Day mood for Rachel and her partner. The red string lights not only compliment the rather stunning display of red roses (which, by the way, none of us are jealous of…honest…), but will be able to set the romantic mood on their own throughout the year! Take note guys; there’s no excuse to leave the romantic stuff to one day a year, after all! So Rachel is February’s winner, and will receive a set of 35-bulb string lights of her own choice. If you want to enter March’s photo competition, then send us your photos of your string lights to be in with a chance of winning.