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The latest goings-on at Cable & Cotton

Create Your Own Children's Lights

We strongly believe here at Cable & Cotton that our string lights appeal to everyone. The wide range of colours means that all types of atmospheres can be created, from romantic and party to chilled-out and serene. And so, just as we believe adults love our lights, we know how popular they are amongst children, too. We all know how much kids love fairy string lights and novelty lights, so it’s no surprise that they love the bright colours we offer. For younger children and babies, though, we offer a range of pale and soft colours which will be more than fitting for the nursery. Boys can obviously opt for blues, and girls for pink, but if you’d rather have a less defining set, then a mixture of Pale Yellow, Lavender, Ivory, Pale Pink, Sand Stone, Dusty Blue, Olive Green and Pure White is a subtle way of adding colour to your baby’s bedroom (see above). Of course, older boys and girls may prefer some slightly more vibrant bedroom string lights. For boys it doesn’t have to mean all blue. OK, we’re not going to totally avoid blue, so we recommended throwing in a few accent colours for good measure. The mixture above is made up of Slate Grey, Marine Blue, Khaki Green, Turquoise, Prussian Blue and Orange, and shows how our lights can liven up any boy’s bedroom. For girls, again it would be hard to stay away from pink. All little girls, from toddlers to teenagers, love their bedrooms to be fit for a princess, which is why we think any girl would love the above set of pink string lights. Made up of Fuschia Pink, Lilac, Dusty Rose, Flash Pink, Deep Purple, Pale Pink, Violet and Soft Pink, any little girl would enjoy the warmth of these lights. With our range of Pick Your Own string lights, you can also create your very own set of string lights to match an existing colour theme. And, just as your kids grow up, they can help update your child’s bedroom as quickly as they do!