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Christmas tree decoration tips

Christmas tree decoration tips

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun and creative way to embrace the festive season. Here are some of the basics tips to create an effortlessly stylish tree.

Start with the lights

Lights are always the first thing to go on a tree. Work from the bottom to the top and be generous with how you distribute them. Skimping can leave your tree looking bare, cold and uninviting. Cable & Cotton lights make for a nice alternative to traditional bulbs and offer the added benefit of being completely customisable.

Add the garlands

After lights, garlands (or tinsel if you're that way inclined) are next. This time though, work from the top down and gradually increase the amount you're using as you get towards the wider bottom part of the tree.

Finish with ornaments

Now come the baubles and hanging decorations. Start with your favourites and give them pride of place where they won't get lost in the traffic. After that, work in order from biggest to smallest, making sure to distribute evenly between inner and outer branches to create depth and interest.

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If you're decorating your tree with Cable & Cotton lights this year, we'd love to see your finished design. You can see all the creative ways people have used our products on our Pinterest board. Photography by Kimberly Duran