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Blighty's Lights: The Best and Worst of Christmas Lights

It’s that time of the year again, and the gloves are on; the fight for the best Christmas lights means that once again our UK villages, towns and cities are putting all their efforts into turning their streets into a Winter Wonderland. After trawling through some of the best Christmas lights displays we have seen, unsurprisingly we also came across a few that, well, simply weren’t quite up-to-scratch. For them we felt the only way to at least honour their efforts was by creating a separate category; the Christmas Blight award. So, firstly to our winner of the Best Christmas Lights award. We were desperately hoping that some small village or town would take the prize, but we simply avoid finding the winner in London. As ever, there was some fierce competition, but this year’s winner has to be.... Carnaby Street! Carnaby Street, best known for its retro fashion and kitsch designer shops, let its history influence this year’s Christmas light display. Opting for a unique solar theme, Carnaby Street’s futuristic (and slightly camp) Christmas light display left us feeling, well, on top of the world! A definite must-see if you plan on being in London during this festive season. The winner of our Christmas Blight award has been given to the place we feel didn’t quite get into the festive spirit. Hitting the news last month, we saw Sacriston, a village in County Durham, erect what has been dubbed ‘Britain’s worst Christmas tree’. Torn apart by recent storms, this tree (or bush, as locals call it)is now left standing at just 4ft tall, dwarfed by the metal tripod that surrounds it. Want to inject a bit of festive cheer into your home this Christmas? Then check out our Pre-selected or Pick Your Own lights, and see if you can give Carnaby Street a run for their money!