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Bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting

Bedrooms should be relaxed, calming environments and one of the best ways to achieve the right ambience is with a considered lighting scheme. Here are a few thoughts and ideas using Cable & Cotton lights. Colours Softer tones are the order of the day for creating a tranquil sleeping environment, but don't be afraid to introduce a pop of colour. Bold choices like yellow (as pictured above) or pink can give you the best of both worlds - vibrant but restful. Placement String lights look great draped across the headboard, hanging over draws and wardrobes or even suspended from the ceiling. Every space is different of course so the only limit is your imagination. Make sure you look on our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Bedside lamps We've seen many incredible bedside table lamps created using Cable & Cotton lights. All you need is the right container and a burst of creativity to create something truly unique.
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Design your own There are lots of colour combinations to brighten your bedroom. Why not create your own design using our great online design tool. If you’re still unsure about the best colour combination have a look at our beautiful range of pre-selected colour sets.

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