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The latest goings-on at Cable & Cotton

All the fun of the (Brighton Art) Fair

In celebration of the Brighton Art Fair, which kicks off today (22nd - 25th Sept), we've come over all high brow and decided to discuss our favourite arty type things. It's been hard to narrow it down but the wrangling is over and below is one from each of us. Enjoy! Aye's choice is Damian Hirst's Valium (she obviously has work on the brain!).....

Damian Hirst

Jess is thinking of nothing but her holiday (she's off tomorrow for 2 weeks) Egypt Sunset Bryn has gone for local painter, Sophie Abbott's Disco Balls painting. She'll be at the art fair peddling her wares until Sunday Sophie Abbott Chrissey's all about the lights too, but in this case it's a Dan Flavin fluoro floor pile.Dan Flavin