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Cable & Cotton LED Fairy Lights Have Landed

Cable & Cotton LED Fairy Lights Have Landed

The wait is over - our new LED bulb cotton ball fairy lights have landed.  Being Cable & Cotton, we didn't just settle for any old LED fairy lights, we went and designed our own, specifically for our beautiful cotton ball mini lampshades. But what makes them so special? Here are just a few things:

  • Longer lasting - the LEDs are designed to last for over 20,000 hours of illuminaton.
  • USB - All LED cables have a standard 5V USB - so you can use them with your USB phone charging plug, any USB port or even a portable USB battery pack. (If you want a UK, EU or US plug with USB port, we offer these too.)
  • Less fiddly - No more blown filaments or fuses and fiddling with replacement bulbs.
  • Low energy - Our LEDs run off just 5V so much lower energy consumption. Anything that helps the environment is a good thing in our books.
  • Same colour warmth as incandescent light - We've matched the LEDs to the same colour temperature of our incandescent lights, offering that warmer, cozy tone that you all love.
  • Even light - Our specially designed LED bulbs provide an even light within each mini lampshade without the rings our glare asociated with many inferior LED products.
  • British designed and UK Safety Certified - We designed these LED bulbs and strings ourselves so they have been rigourously tested and are all UK Safety Certified for your safety and peace of mind. Why take the risk with inferior products? We even have a patent pending on them.
  • Longer cables - all our cables (20, 35 and 50 bulbs) now come with 2m of lead from the USB to the first bulb giving more flexibility in positioning them in your home. 
  • ON/OFF switch - The integrated ON/OFF switch in the cable makes operation a doddle - no more bending down to the plug socket.

Available for all our light sets - Pre-selected, Chose Your Own or as Replacement Cables.

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