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De-Clutter, Re-Colour!

De-Clutter, Re-Colour!

It's that time of year again, after Dry January (or Veganuary?!) and before Summer gets underway. Birdsong and blossom brave the cold...The light comes back into our lives as the days get longer and the sun brighter, radiating into the darker recesses of our dusty, wintry homes.

We in the West want to clean and clear out our cupboards and wardrobes in tune with emerging Spring – whilst Chinese New Year in the East also celebrates stripping away any unwanted stuff to make way for the new.

Spring-cleaning and Feng Shui have a lot in common: practically, getting rid of junk makes our homes look and feel better - tidying things away and giving the house a good scrub lifts our spirits and creates space for fresh energy to come into our lives. Using William Morris' maxim we can chuck out, upcycle or regift what no longer serves us –  it has to be 'useful or beautiful' (hopefully both!) to stay. 

Once we have recreated space, we can see how to re-inspire and uplift the same places. One easy way to do this is with colour and light – to recolour what we have decluttered with creativity and zest! This is where Cable and Cotton come in – the go-to company for customised colour and light.

Inspired by naturual, subtle colours, Cable and Cotton can bring the beauty of nature into our homes: Primrose, Sunflower, Lime, Gooseberry, Sage, Forest, Moss, Sky etc all soften and calm our enviroment. Brighter reds, oranges, mandarins and yellows are all lucky to the Chinese – which is why their temples are all so bright and bold. Placing these colours in our relationship (south-west) and financial (south-east) corners can 'bless' them with abundance - and be a bit of fun!

Any dark 'dead' corners of the home can be beautified and lit up in this way: a Rainbow hung vertically in the gloomy corner of my kitchen has transformed where we eat together every day!


So why not reward yourself and your home with a new fairy light set after all the hard work of spring-cleaning?!

Cable and Cotton – the colour company! www.cableandcotton.co.uk